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character rant ahead

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That’s the thing I love about Levi. He’s not an asshole just for being an asshole, like Jean is (I say that with affection because I actually really like Jean, but he’s an asshole xD). But with Levi, it’s effective. He’s honest and brutally so but it works and I love that! Plus that he’s actually very nice when it’s important to be so. Like when that soldier died and asked him if he did any good. Levi comforted him and gave him what he wanted so that he would die satisfied. And if that’s not nice, I don’t know what is. 

I think that his “bored” expression just add so much dimension to him. As it gets so much more effective when he actually shows any emotions because we’re not used to seeing that. For me, this gives him dept like no other and it’s what makes him interesting. 

He’s an asshole for a reason, and not just because he has a tragic past, but because it might actually be needed. As Hanji said once, people find comfort in Levi because of his skills and I’m also pretty sure it has something to do with his brutal honesty. You’d know you’d get a real answer if it’s coming from him. 

I don’t even care about his hotness or whatever, I just really love watching him because he’s interesting. Plus, short and badass. That’s also a thing, the idea of someone so small getting so much respect, that he deserves, it’s just.. nice. 

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I love how people always go on about how Eren Jaeger is not exactly smart, or have any talent for fighting. 

Sure the teacher makes a note about him not exactly excelling at anything, except for his willpower and sense of purpose. But that doesn’t mean he is dumb, or without any talent whatsoever, it just means it’s freakin’ hard to excell in a class where you have both Armin and Mikasa.. everyone looks mediocre compared to those too.

Also are we forgetting the reason he couldn’t balance in that balance contraption was because his gear was brokien?

He was in the top 5 after all, that has to count for something!